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Monday, August 25, 2014

Avira is the ace company dedicated towards providing best-in-industry data security solutions to its users. The company not only delivers state-of-art security solutions, but also constantly keeps an eye on the latest attack trends and security news.

In order to educate its users about threats, its variants, and security news, the company also continually post blogs in its official blog, “Avira TechBlog”. Users can simply visit the website and get latest security news and keep themselves updated with threats and attacks.

Besides providing all these, the company also has a research lab, which continuously keeps an eye on the web world and then head-hunts each single virus variant. Recent enough Avira Virus Lab identified another variant of a malware, which gets installed in your PC (mostly without your knowledge) and then makes some unauthorized changes to your web browser. The virus is an Adware, whose purpose is to display advertisements, in your web browser. The severity of this Adware variant is not that big. Still, it is unwanted software which spoils your internet browsing experience.

These adware programs are usually installed by the users themselves. But, usually they don’t know about it, as they come attached with other handy software. Users simply install them, and once installed, they start displaying ads in internet browser software by modifying displayed pages or opening pages with ads.

However, this adware variant doesn’t propagate itself, and installs only if users install it. But the chances of installing it are quite high. As this malware comes attached with other useful software as a part of default installation, so usually a user installs it unknowingly. This adware can run on Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7 and then infect its browser software. This malware gets saved in following directory: %ProgramData%\InstallMate, and is written in MS Visual C++.                

These kinds of malware are not that harmful, as they won’t steal, modify, or encrypt your sensitive data. But they do display annoying ads and change the layout of web page content. This does hampers your web browsing experience.

In case if you can identify this adware software, then you can manually remove it. But if in case you can’t identify it, then installing and using reliable antivirus solution can help you to remove this adware. Avira Antivirus 2014 is a good solution to stay protected from all sorts of virus, including this adware variant. It is reliable and powerful antivirus software, which protects your data 24/7 from any kind of attack. It is easy to use software, aided with multiple features and operations.

Meanwhile, if you are having difficulties in using any feature or operation of Avira Antivirus 2014, then calling Avira technical support number and availing experts help, is a good thing to do. Good news is that, there are multiple sources of Avira help. But contacting right company is what that matters. SupportMart is a good company to approach on this front, which provides effective and easy support for Avira issues.

To sum up all, as the number of attacks is increasing day by day, and also as they are becoming more severe, so it becomes very necessary for users to install handy and reliable security solution. Avira Antivirus 2014 is a good solution to choose. No matter what variant an attack is, it always provides a strong protection.


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