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Monday, October 20, 2014

Asus has delivered an amazing all in one space-saving desktop solution in the consumer market. Many people still use the old format of the desktop with separate CPU tower and monitor. The company has introduced its ET2221INTH all-in in one desktop pc with enhanced performance and built-in security features. The desktop is an energy-efficient machine that helps in saving energy and makes this machine an eco-friendly device.

The ET2221INTH desktop is powered with the latest Intel 4th generation core-processor chipset technology that makes it perform better and keeps it ahead of its competitors. The desktop also has 8 GB RAM of DD3 memories that help the user to do the multitasking and save energy. Users looking for HDMI transmission of audio and video have a reason to cheer as the desktop has the HDMI in and out ports.

The stylish, space-saving and ergonomic design of the Asus all in one PC ET2221I series has a unique yet effective advantage of space-saving. The smartly designed personal computer has elegance in handling the machine. In addition, the pc is fitted with COM port and USB ports and Vega out port for the connectivity with other gadgets and all in one pc attachments.

The computer is also equipped with an Nvidia GT720M for optimized video performance. In addition, the design of the pc also has wall-mounting ports that lend it an advantage compared to other brands. The users have an advantage of getting ASUS web storage up to 32 GB free for 3 years and share files wirelessly across multiple devices.

The most impressive feature of the desktop is the onboard security processor that helps the users to safeguard the internal data against the real world threats. This helps in making sure that the information such as passwords, keys, and other digital documents are kept safe from any type of damage caused by external attacks.

Supportmart has grabbed the headlines again. The company has evolved into an independent and state of the art tech-support. The company provides tech support for various electronic gadgets such as laptops, desktops and software applications such as utility software's and antivirus software's etc. the company has a team of skilled and well-trained workforce that is dedicated towards helping the clients in distress due to technical problems.

The company has received many positive supportmart reviews based on their top-quality services and high standards. The company has several plans for tech-support services suited-best to the client needs. Supportmart is famous for offering best services at the most competitive pricing in the industry.           

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