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Monday, December 1, 2014

The use of desktop has changed a lot with new technology over past one decade, since the arrival of laptops and other portable devices the desktop segment of computers has become more competitive. In place of traditional personal computers the new concept of all in one desktop are getting more popular. Nowadays the home users prefer having an all-in-one desktop instead of a traditional personal computer that has separate display monitor and tower with necessary components. Many companies are selling all-in-one desktops that have latest technology, which offers unforgettable experience for entertainment and work.

Asus is one of the premier companies dealing in various types of latest and hi-tech electronic gadgets such as all-in-one desktops, laptops, phone and tablet. The company has launched a 27-inch IPS panel all in one desktop that offers 178-degree wide-angle view and LED backlit display for the high-definition media playback. The desktop has the latest tech that makes it the most preferred computer in its segment. Loaded with the Intel 4th Generation Core delivers a great computing experience and it makes the most complex computing tasks look easy. The users have an option to choose the memory expansion along with local storage expansion; also, the desktop has beautifully designed elegant metallic stands.

The wall mountable feature allows for easy wall mounting for the users, it is a unique feature that enables the users to place the desktop on wall also helps in saving the space. The chassis is made with the toughened carbon made to withstand the impact situation and keep the desktop safe. Many more features in the desktop add value to its performance. The users must perform the maintenance tasks of the desktop to get optimum performance. This helps in avoiding technical issues; however, in case you are facing any technical issues then get help from experienced professionals. Supportmart Technical Services is an independent technical service provider that offers tech-support via phone and internet to its customers.

The company offers such services at competitive pricing, happy and satisfied customers have given positive supportmart reviews. Therefore, when in doubt or need of professional help contact Supportmart and get the best deal on our service package.    

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